An Amazing Day

Today has been wonderful. We went to Foxglove bright and early today and from the moment we arrived it has just been amazing. We took more of our belongings, from saucepans to photos, candles to colanders. We started to unpack our belongings and find home for everything. There is so much storage, I am just amazed. A place for everything.

We bought ourselves a bottle of champagne to celebrate the moving in. It wasn’t even midday when we popped the cork. All those weeks of searching for Foxglove and the waiting to get her back have all been worth it.





Took Wish out for a walk today and we could not  believe the sights as all the fields were flooded and overflowing onto the towpath and into the canal. The water levels in the marina had risen so much that all the boats needed their ropes loosening off. It was quite eery as everywhere was so peaceful and all you could hear in the distance was the flow of water trickling into the canal.
Headed back to the boat and cooked a Shepherd’s pie for dinner. It was great sitting there in the cosy warmth of the boat. Had a bit too much champagne though and so we had an afternoon nap on our nice new mattress. Sooooo comfortable. So much so I slept for almost 2 hours. Woke up with a bit of a headache!! So we decided to have another walk with Wish via the farm shop as best friends Rosa and Martyn were coming over to see us and so we went to buy some cake. First visitors we have had since the boat has been more or less finished.

Headed back home around 6.30pm and it was quite sad as it has been the best weekend we have had in weeks. I love being at the boat and can’t wait to move on permanently.

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