Back to work :-(

This weekend has been so good I just did not want the weekend to be over. Monday today and back to work. Received lots of texts saying how beautiful the boat is which was really nice. You know who you are, thank you for your comments. I was quite worried about Foxglove today with all the rain and the floods that we have had, as when we left the marina yesterday the water levels were getting higher. Roy has slackened the ropes off though and there are lots of good people along our jetty who always keep an eye on things which is is comforting to know. Apparently more rain to come. I hope the weather is going to be better by the time I finish work for Christmas. 4 weeks to go!! Can’t wait. As long as the weather is o.k and we are not frozen in we will be going away on Foxglove during the Christmas period. Since having a narrowboat I have actually learned to relax. It has given Roy and myself far more quality time together and we have enjoyed going out for walks with Wish. I actually started to bake cakes again that I hadn’t done for a long time and I actually managed to finish a cross stitch. Life just seemed far more simpler and less stressful when we have spent time on the narrowboat and lets face it, housework… hardly takes anytime what so ever on a boat. Even Roy doesn’t mind doing housework anymore when we are on the boat!! Some of our friends think we are mad to want to leave our house to live on the boat, but to Roy and myself it is the quality of life that we want. We both want a more simple life, spend more time in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle and the fact we can take our home with us whilst moving is an added bonus. Ahhhhh, can’t wait to move in!! I can see it being quicker than we anticipated because we just love Foxglove and we have missed going away each weekend as that is what we used to do when we had Marpessa 2, even if it was only 1 hour down the canal, it seemed like we were miles away from anyone. So calm and peaceful. The more I think about it the more I want it to happen quicker. Will have to have a chat with Roy tonight…..serious planning I think!!

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