Box full of goodies!

Met Roy at the boat tonight because a box of goodies had arrived that he had ordered.

He got his 4 brass knobs! – Lucky Roy

Shower curtain –  Bit long but I am sure I can do something with it.

Felt –  For under the front step stop it scratching the floor and so it will slide across with ease.

Horse brasses – They are fabulous, especially one with a heart on it as I collect hearts. These are for the boatman’s cabin although I want the heart one in the lounge (saloon).

Tiffany lights for the bedroom- Wow they are gorgeous. Roy keeps bumping his head on the lights that we currently have because they stick out too far, so much so he broke one on Sunday. Anyway, these lights we got are GORGEOUS!!

Shower valve- To be sorted out tomorrow.

Ribbon Plates- For the Boatmans cabin.

Going to be fun putting them all out. The lights though, I know I have already said but they are really, really nice. Didn’t have my camera with me so will have to wait until the weekend until they are on the wall. Always so excited!!!

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