He’s Back!

Went to check on Foxglove tonight and guess who made an appearance? Tigger!!
There he was sitting on the toilet. I have not seen him for a couple of weeks. Not even sure where he was left. Anyway, walked through to the bathroom and there he was sitting on the loo!! Cheeky Tigger.

The toilet us now fully functional which is good as we will be staying on Foxglove this weekend. Started to get really cold now and the jetties are very slippy. Someone has suggested to buy Tigger a woolly hat. The amount of texts and comments received regarding Tigger has been quite amazing. Thought they were going to start “Save the Tigger campaign”. I will make sure I take great care of him. Anyone reading out there who can knit please feel free to send in a scarf and wooly hat to fit garden gnome size Tigger!!

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4 Responses to He’s Back!

  1. Jo says:

    Hi to you both from another Roger Fuller boat owner and very happy living the dream. Our boat Hadar (www.hadar.org.uk) was built at Rogers after Foxglove and so we got to see her being built from time to time. She is a lovely boat. Like you we have all the photographs on our boats build including a video on her launch etc. Hadar is our home and we also trad from her, coal in the Winter and other items in the Summer months. She was my husbands 40 year dream. When Roger had finished building her, Tina painted her and did an excellent job. What is so wonderful about having our boat built by Roger is that we have remained very good friends with Roger and Tina and go back as often as we can to see them all and to get jobs done, so we may at some point meet up with you on the cut. Enjoy your new beautiful home. ;0)

  2. Hi Jo. Nice to meet another Roger Fuller boat owner. I will find it interesting reading all about yours. Let me know when you are in the area. 🙂

    • Jo says:

      Good morning from a cold and frosty Market Harborough. I will indeed let you know when were in the area. The plan is to head for the Thames and Kennet and Avon in January, but who knows we may come your way later in the Summer.

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