Buenas Noches

Good evening to everyone out there. I promised to say hi to a certain Spanish Gentleman who is following the blog. Buenas Noches Miguel. The narrowboat is far more comfy than a camel!!

I find it quite interesting looking at the statistics each week when I have blogged. For some reason Thursday nights seems to be the night where I get most views. There are now followers in the following countries:

UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, USA, Ireland, Australia, Bulgaria, New Zealand and yesterday there is now a follower in South Africa. I would love to know who you all are. Don’t forget you can leave comments on the blog.

A new reader who has commented is another Roger Fuller Boat owner called Jo. Hi Jo! She is living her dream on a boat called Hadar. I shall have a good read of her blog later http://www.hadar.org.uk

Meeting up with friends this weekend at the boat, hi Angus & Jan. Roy is at Tesco’s now getting some beers! Champagne for us Jan! Looking forward to the weekend as we will finally get to stay on Foxglove. YIPPEE!!! It has given out a cold weekend but it will be lovely and cosy on the boat. Hooray for radiators and a lovely wood burning stove. I am sure there will be lots of photos to take this weekend. Hope it is going to be everything I have hoped for this last few weeks. So excited!!


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4 Responses to Buenas Noches

  1. Miguel Ayala says:

    Buenas noches, gracias por el comentario, el barco es muy bonito, espero que no tenga agujeros…. 🙂
    Los camellos son buen negocio, se cambian muy bien por “mujer blanca”, 3 camellos = 1 “mujer blanca”, cuantos camellos por tu barco??
    Good evening, thanks for the greeting, the boat is very nice, I guess you will not have holes…someday we’ll go see it and we do drink red wine into O.K.?.
    Camels are good business, change is fine for “white woman”, 3 camels = 1 “white woman”, how many camels for your boat?

  2. Jo says:

    Hi to you both. Love the new Tiffany lights and I am really enjoying your blog. Ours will take you from the day the base plate went down to the present day. Good luck with the generator ;0)

    • Hi Jo, thanks. They are lovely. We were reading your blog on Saturday morning for over an hour that’s why we were late getting to Foxglove. Really addictive reading it. Noticed you have a collie dog also. Hope one day we will get to meet. Will need some coal over winter!! X

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