Great Weekend

7Where do I start?? Well, Saturday morning we arrived at the boat and Rob had just finished doing the last bits of silicone to the boat. We were looking forward to him finishing as now we could start enjoying the boat as there are hopefully no more major jobs to do. We brought Wish with us and her dog bed and settled her down by the fire and  then put the kettle on. We just sat down in our new chairs for the first time then there was a knock at the door.

1Angus & Janet our friends who are doing up a tug boat came to visit us. It was lovely to see them both. We got Angus some lager/beer expecially called TIGER. Thought it was quite funny. Not quite Tigger but it was very close.

Next job I had to do was take Wish for her bath & trim. Thanks to Dee, Stuart and Sharna as Wish came back looking gorgeous as always.

Whilst Wish was being bathed we nipped over to Trentham Gardens so I could get some really nice slippers for the boat from Moshulu. The have the nicest slippers ever. Also bought a new washing up bowl for the kitchen sink. Much needed!!
After picking Wish up we went back to Foxglove and we were really looking forward to our first night on the boat. It was so warm and the bed is soooooo comfy.

4We woke up this morning and everywhere was frozen but inside the boat we were so warm. I hope nobody saw Roy as he walked to the end of the jetty to let Wish have a wee at 7.30am this morning. He went out in his pyjamas and his coat!! Mad! because it was freezing. Anyway, he came back to bed and both fell  back to sleep. It was just so warm and cosy we didn’t want to get up.

Eventually at 10am we got up and had breakfast and popped the radio on. It was lovely. Christmas songs were playing and it was just one of the moments when you think how lucky you are. Just felt really happy. Really good feeling.

129Took Wish out for a walk around the marina. Everywhere was frozen. On the way back the swans decided to be very brave and chase Wish and myself. Quite frightening when they come up to you and they try to make themselves look twice as big by fluffing all their feathers up. Roy stood there laughing at us both. Scary, but it was funny!

1314Managed to sort out the shower curtain by buying a suction loop hook which has done the job great. Roy put the new tiffany lights up today. He rewired them to take 12 volt fittings. They look fantastic.

3Wish has made herself right at home on the boat. It has been fantastic this weekend and very relaxing.
I did not want it to end.
Unfortunately it had to and we are back home and already looking forward to next weekend.
6The engine to the generator has to be sorted out next week. Having difficulties already with this as we are trying to get it down safely to Dorset to be repaired and back again, that is the easy part, getting it out of the boat is the hard bit!

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