The Generator.

This is the next big thing to be done on Foxglove. Things are never simple when it comes to narrowboats. We knew when we bought Foxglove that the generator was broken, kaput, knackered, unserviceable of a better word. If we are to do any long term cruising we need to get it fixed. The people to fix it are Fischer Panda based in Dorest……not down the road in Stone a few miles away……ohhhh no, that would be too easy, only 300 miles away. However we have searched the entire universe (via google) and found a man who can collect it for us , take it to Dorset to be fixed (new engine for the generator required) bring it back to Aston Marina and then install it again. Simples! As the meerkats might say…….ohhhh no, not quite that simple. Just the slight problem of getting it out the boat. Anyway, an Angel has come to our rescue in the form of Angus ( sorry about that Angus) but he will be helping Roy on Saturday to get the generator out of the boat. I think a hoist and some muscle, bit of swearing, hopefully no falling in the marina, will be involved. I will be there with my camera to catch all the action. Oh almost forgot, might even get to take Foxglove out, well turn her around in her mooring spot. This should be entertaining to watch as we have not taken her out yet. Don’t even know how that wheely thingy ma jig works yet (speed wheel) never mind the extra 10 foot we have got to contend with. This is the part which I think will have more swearing than anything! I think it is going to be fun or funny, one of the two!!

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