Foxglove on the move?

We might, and that is a might not a definite, be taking Foxglove out this weekend. I hope we do. Nigel, who was the boat mover for us is hopefully coming back to the marina and we will be taking Foxglove out for a few hours. Roy and I are yet to take her out. First job Saturday morning will be to get the generator out, then the fun will begin. Roy is worried because of the extra 10 foot we have compared to our last boat whereas I am not worried at all. Perhaps worried is not the correct word to use, I think perhaps embarrassed is the correct one. What is the worse that could happen?? I am trying not to think about that answer too much! I am sure we will be fine. No doubt Roy will be competing to see who will handle the boat better (I think that will be me, but don’t tell him that) 😉 Anyway, if I get it wrong and end up about to hit something I will just pass it over to Roy and I will go inside make a cup of tea. I have done this before. Roy was not at all impressed. Anyway I hope Nigel makes it over to Aston Marina for Saturday so he can show Roy & myself how to handle Foxglove properly. No pressure Nigel but we are so excited about going out on it and we don’t want to disappoint the viewers now do we? 😉 The weekends always have good photos and I am sure this weekend there will be plenty more. Keep watching!

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