Painting & Dreams

Roy and I had to make the big decision about whether or not we have Foxglove painted next year or the year after. If we waited until 2014 though that meant if we rent our house out and move onto the boat now we would have nowhere to live for 2 months whilst the boat is being painted and if we decided to have it painted next April this meant we have the next few months to move in on Foxglove and see if everything is what we hope it will be and then rent the house out from May onwards because by then we will definitely know if we are going to like it or not, if we don’t we always have our house to live in but the boat for holidays and weekends. Our aim though is to be living on it permanently though by May of next year.  And then in a few years both of us will retire. We both had this 5 year plan and that in 5 years time when Roy will be 55 and I will 45 that we both give up work and travel around on our dreamboat. We all have to have dreams and this is what we are hoping for. Anyway we have paid the deposit to Sally Tooze & Martyn King who will be repainting Foxglove next year. We are booked in on 29th April. That will give us time to decide if we have her painted the same colour or not. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

Who knows though what the future might bring. Someone told me once these are real balls not crystal ones!! I suppose that is the exciting part finding out what your future has in store. 🙂

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3 Responses to Painting & Dreams

  1. mark says:

    Hi Guys,

    Enjoy your blog. May soon be owner of a sister boat (builder = same) like yours, albeit 60 foot.

    • Hi Mark.Is the boat called Pathfinder? Just wondered as we were interested in that last year and put an offer in on it but got turned down. The following day we found Foxglove! Was meant to be I guess 🙂

      • mark says:

        Be good to exchage by email if you have the time. Will drop you a line when deal sealed.


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