Award winning performance

IMG_0865Well it was a very cold and frosty start to the day and I am absolutely laid up with cold but nothing was going to stop me getting to the boat today as the generator was coming out and after many an argument I gave in and let Roy have first drive of Foxglove. He had to turn the boat round 180 degrees which is very hard to do when you have never handled this kind of boat before and also the pressure was on as I was videoing and people were watching. Anyway, PERFECTION!! He looked very stressed and serious when moving it around but then when he stepped off the boat he had a certain smug look on his face. I was very proud of him. I can’t wait till I can have a go.

Could not have managed today without Angus. He was brilliant. The generator was so heavy but it was more awkward than anything to get out. IMG_0860Another guy from the marina also gave a hand, Mick from Whirlwind. Thank you so much for your help. Every picture I took though tended to have a view of a bum. No builders bums going on here! Angus has promised to wear his shorts for us next week when it goes back in. The jetties were so slippy I had visions of either one of the men falIMG_0858ling in or the generator dropping in the marina. Anyway, with foreman Angus on hand everything went to plan apart from the guy who was supposed to pick it up at 11am didn’t turn it until 1 pm!!

Anyway, during our wait we felt a slight nudge on our boat and we wondered what IMG_0867it was. We now have neighbours for the first time on the right hand side of us. Julie & Tony and their 2 dogs which had the cutest little coats on to keep them warm. They gave us a guided tour of their boat which Tony has done all himself. There kitchen was huge. He had done an excellent job. Julie made me laugh so bad because she made a comment stating that it used to look like something out of Laura Ashley……I was laughing so bad cause that is where we bought all of our furniture from. She did mean Laura Ashley though from in the 70’s. Their boat was very modern compared to ours and I told her that she would think she had stepped back into time when she would see ours.

Anyway, we have come home tonight cause I am feeling quite poorly. To be honest I wouldn’t have minded staying on there tonight cause it is so much warmer than at home but we weren’t very organised this morning when we left and so we did not bring anything with us and so I am curled up in front of the fire tonight, Roy has just made me some chicken soup and I think I am going curl up go sleep with Wish. Need to be o.k for tomorrow becausee I do not like missing out on anytime on Foxglove and hopefully if I feel a little better tomorrow we might take Foxglove down the canal and back and I will finally get a chance to drive her (well cruise her, whatever the boating term is).


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4 Responses to Award winning performance

  1. jan and angus says:

    Foxgloves captain is a great mover , never seen it done in time to music before .

  2. Nigel says:

    Well done, looks like the ice has dissapeared!
    ps Nice Button fender!!!

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