Weekends are too short

Unfortunately this weekend has gone far too fast. We didn’t get to take Foxglove out today as it was far too windy and I was feeling even worse today. When you only have the weekends free and you are ill during that time it is so unfair. I am hoping by next weekend I will be much better as we have our friend coming over from Italy to visit us, Davide! He will arrive on Friday night and be going home early Sunday morning. We hope the weather will be good so we can take him out on the boat and take plenty of pictures.

Two more weeks of work to go and then I am off work for a whole 11 days off. Yippee!! I hope the canals aren’t frozen then as it would be lovely to take Foxglove out. Hopefully by then the generator should be in and working. The guys from Fischer Panda will be installing the new engine in the generator this week and it will all be installed next weekend back into Foxglove. Roy has started work on the boatman’s cabin already and he has wire brushed the stove, cleaned it all up and used that magic paste again and polished up the brasses on it. It looks brand new. I missed all the mess thank goodness as I have slept so much today it was all done and tidied up by the time I woke up 🙂

Love you Roy!

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