Words of encouragement.

Received a lovely comment today from the lady off narrowboat Hadar. Nice words of encouragement and I really appreciated her time writing it. She has had no regrets about living aboard permanently and I really wish we would both take the plunge now and do it. We are definitely going to be trying it out for the next few months but Roy has concerns that because we are both working full time and with him running his own business he just worries that it won’t be the same experience as when we have used the boat in the past purely for holidays and weekends. Anyway, as I have said before, time will tell.

Already looking forward to the weekend. We might even have time to decorate the boat for Christmas. Our friend from Italy who used to work with me is coming back over to visit……Hi Davide! There will definitely be lots of photos this weekend!!!

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4 Responses to Words of encouragement.

  1. Jo says:

    Hi to you both again.
    If your both still working will you be staying in the marina or do you plan to continuously cruise whilst working?
    If you do plan to stay in the marina, then you have no worries about having to move the boat to stay within the terms and conditions of your licence. If you plan to continuously cruise, that is a different matter, because as you will know you do have to keep moving at least every 14 days depending on where you moor. Also continuously cruising and working would probably mean you will have a car to move as well, which can be an issue. Finding secure parking places has been a issue for some people we know who have had their cars broken in to. But as I said in my last posting, there are ways around everything. Living and cruising on a boat is meant to be a pleasure and not a chore, which some have found it to be whilst still working and continuously cruising. I am sure anyone working and living on a boat will give you more feed back on how they make it work. We do not have a car anymore, it went the year we moved on to our first boat and again we have never looked back on getting rid of it. We use public transport or walk.
    Again good luck with your decision. I hope that you get feed back from others who work and move their boat, it may help you with your decision ;0)

    • Hi Jo, we will probably be living at the marina or hope to find a permanent mooring locally as I work in Swynnerton, Stone and Roy works all over the area. We will see how it goes for a few weeks after Christmas and try it out. If we enjoy then we will rent our house out.

      • Jo says:

        Have the most wonderful Christmas and all the very best for the New Year. We love Stone it is like our third home, due to it being Hadar’s birthplace and somewhere where we have many friends.

      • Thanks Jo. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas also. Lets hope the canals don’t freeze and we can finally take Foxglove out! xx

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