What might be?

I have come home from work tonight and I have just eaten tea and I am sitting here wondering what to blog about tonight. It is very difficult when we are not currently living on the boat and also there is not much happening either as most of the jobs have been sorted out already so sitting here thinking I have just imagined what it would be like finishing work and going straight to the boat as our permanent home. Currently we have only experienced going to the boat at weekends and for holidays but I wonder what it will really be like living on it permanently. Ideally it would be great for both of us to finish work and travel the canals but this is not our plan, we are still planning to continue work for the next few years. We will be trying this out during the next few months before the boat is painted as we will then decide whether we will finally take the plunge and move on Foxglove permanently. I think Roy is having doubts as I asked him at the weekend if he was looking forward to moving onto it and he answered ” Yes, but under the right circumstances”. Always a but! I think with me being ill during the weekend has worried him as everything seems to be easier when you are at home when you are ill such as water, electric, toilets, getting to the shops etc. I think we have just got used to the life that we lead and we will soon adjust. Everyone thinks that it would be me that would be having doubts but actually it is Roy. I can’t wait. Time will tell though. Looking forward to the Christmas break, lets see how this goes expecially if we are frozen in 🙂

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2 Responses to What might be?

  1. Jo says:

    Letting go of life on dry land is not easy for some people. For us it was a no brainer and we have not looked back. Of course you come up against snags, but that is part of the fun. There is always a way around everything we have found and so would not change our lifestyle for the world. But if your having doubts about living aboard, give it a huge amount of thought. It is true to say the Winter is harder, because of water, toilet, shopping etc, but with a bit of forward planning and extra supplies we have never found any of it a problem. Water is kept topped up and we also keep a couple of large water containers on board, toilet is a cassette, which we have a spare and we carry a shovel should we get caught out, as for shopping good old Mr Tesco is a god send. Whilst doing the coal run we have met people who have been living aboard and they found the Winter to hard, so sold up and moved back on to dry land. We actually prefer the Winter. I wish you both the very best with your decision and the festive season. Looking forward to meeting you on the cut ;0)

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