Let’s Rewind

It has been such a busy weekend that I have not had much time to blog so tonight I am going to rewind back to Friday night and cram the whole weekend in.

EleanorAs you all know, Davide our friend came over to visit us from Italy. It has been wonderful to see him. Very disappointed that everyone from work did not make the effort to come see him Friday night, however those that did turn up made it a lovely night. Thanks Lynn and Eleanor, Mark & Lizzie and Will. Sometimes it is quality and not quantity! Little Eleanor gave us a good performance  on the piano and she was as good as gold.

MarkEleanorMark was chilled and made great friends with Wish! For some though the night was getting a bit too much and so a little rest was in need, although that turned into playtime. I think Eleanor is going to love an i -pad, as this kept her amused for quite a while.

TiggerAmazingly enough,
Tigger even made
a surprise appearance.
Saturday we all went to Trentham Gardens for cappuccinos and cake! Yum! Davide wanted to buy a gift for his parents so we decided to take a look around the shops. Roy had to shoot off to the marina as Mike was coming back with the generator and Angus was going over again to help. Thanks yet again Angus.

I bought a few things for the boat, oven glove, another doormat ( goodness knows how many doormats I get through, it drives Roy mad!), some fake flowers and eucalyptus that I thought would look nice if I cut away at them to make some kind of arrangement for this jug I have on the boat ( Davide didn’t look convinced but I still wanted give it a try) and we also had to visit the pet shop at Trentham. Glad Roy didn’t come with me cause he would have stopped me from going in. Anyway, took advantage of the fact that he wasn’t with me and lucky Wish has a new dog bed! ( Roy has lost count how many dogs beds I have bought since I have had Wish. I just wanted a new one for Wish for when she is on the boat because the other one was to big, at least that is what I convinced Roy.

Shopping 2bandDavide was great to take shopping as he carried all the bags, gave me more chance to pick  up things to buy!! Sorry Davide. After 1 hour we had decided to go and meet Roy at the boat as I was getting too carried away with the shopping and Davide’s arms were nearly dropping off. It was very Christmasy down at Trentham and it was nice to see people getting in the Christmas sprit.
Saturday night, Roy , Davide & myself went to our favourite restaurant, The Arch Restaurant, in Newcastle. Best Chinese food ever! We all had our photos taken before we went out. Even Wish got in the act.

Wishdavide And Roy13

RestaurantLovely meal although we all ate far too much. Davide always manages to make us laugh and he did not disappoint tonight. They gave us all fresh fruit at the end of the meal which is the first time they have done that. Davide decided to eat the oranges! Good night out though and then we went back home and watched the new Batman film. We were all shattered by the end of the evening.

15Sunday morning and it was time for Davide to go back home. He said his goodbyes to Roy at the house as Roy had to go back to the boat as the generator was being installed today.  Wish surprised Davide this morning with her Christmas bow on and she seemed to know he was going and she lay down in the hallway as he said goodbye to her.

TreeOff we went to East Midlands airport. Anyway who knows me well enough will know that this was a big thing for me as I am not very good going to new places especially when I have to get back on my own. Anyway, we went into the airport and it was very quiet considering it was only 10 am ‘ish ( notice the ish there Davide, new word he learnt this weekend) They had put up a beautiful Christmas tree which we decided to take pictures of and then we went for a coffee togehter. It was very sad to say goodbye but I have promised Davide that I will go to Italy with Roy and visit him soon. Got to get a bit more confidence in myself first, but I promise Davide it will be next year!

I left Davide at the airport and I was in a complete panic but to cut a long story short I found my way home without a problem and worried myself for nothing.

Went and met Roy back at the boat and Mike was still installing the generator.Generator Angus was 18there again to help lift it into palce. Don’t know what we would have done without him. He has been a good friend. He even thought my flower displaywas great! ( I will make one for you boat Angus as you loved it so much, only joking!)

Roy has done quite a bit on the boat still this weekend. Lots of things still to do but it is looking better each weekend.

Had a beautiful present given me as well last week which I thought would look lovely on the bath and it does. Thank you for the gift ( you know who you are 😉 )Bath

19 - CopyThanks Anita for bag,
they always come in useful.

TFriendsalking about friends, Lynda & Haydn off Narrowbaot Tinker came and joined us this afternoon for drinks and a bit of a buffet. Whilst they were here suddenly all the lights got brighter and there was this funny noise in the background. It was the gerneator. All up and working! Fabulous. Definitely time to pop the champagne. Had a real good laugh with Haydn & Lynda. Can’t wait to see them again over Christmas.

All in all it has been a great weekend. One more week of work to go. Cannot wait! Really looking forward to this Christmas.

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2 Responses to Let’s Rewind

  1. Davide says:

    It was a great and lovely weekend for me too.Many thanks Clare and Roy!
    ….But let me tell the real story about Clare’s shopping. Before going to Trentham me and Roy decided who would have been the lucky one to stop Clare to buy everything there.Unfortunately it was a mission impossible and just because I was not able to carry more stuff (too much muscles involved) Clare stopped .I’m sorry Roy. I’ll do better next time.
    Many thanks again for everything…the party, the cappuccino and shopping, the time spent with you in your cosy boat, the chinese food, the great film..and last but not least, your kindness and ospitality!:-)

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