Curtains up

This is the next plan for Foxglove, curtains. Roy is starting to worry me as I have never seen him so eager to go shopping for something like curtains. The reason behind this is because he wants to get the boatman’s cabin finished. He wants the cabin to look very traditional and he has already bought his brass bed knobs, ribbon plates, brass plaques etc etc. This will keep him very busy over the Christmas period. Four more days to go before I finish work for the year. I think this is the first time in a long while I have started to get excited about Christmas. It is going to be nice having some quality time together and spending it on Foxglove.

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4 Responses to Curtains up

  1. sam says:

    Well you pair lets hope you dont capsize your 70ft narrow boat while spending your quality time together!!! HEHE Merry Christmas to you both you both deserve to have quality time we hope you enjoy the tranquil peace and quiet. 🙂

  2. sam says:

    Mr and Mrs Henny your boat looks fabulous and wow how hard you have worked, can we please have some more pics of inside your boat AND i hope you have a XMAS TREE up!!! Roy.

    • There are lots of pictures throughout the blog. You will have to read all of it!! May take a few hours though. Hoping to put up some decorations this weekend. Will take some more pics for you over the festive season. Might even get one of Roy in his Santa suit!! lol

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