One day more!

Every time I have said that today …..”ONE DAY MORE” I start to sing the music from Les Miserables, One Day more! That reminds me, the film comes out over Christmas, It is going to be good. One-day-more (Les Miserables)
Anyway, side tracked a bit there. One more day of work tomorrow and then RELAXATION starts. Getting really excited. We are trying to plan all the things that we want to do on Foxglove whilst we are off work. I think we are looking for some curtains first thing Saturday morning. Roy has never been so eager to go curtain shopping, he normally hates this kind of thing. Should be quite interesting. Parcels keep arriving for us to take to the boat. The lace should be arriving tomorrow. I hope Wish does not chew the package as she has started to snatch the post from the postman when he puts it through the door as Roy her saw her do it last week. This would explain why there are lots of holes in the envelopes. Unfortunately she has done it to a DVD today! Ahhh Wishy you naughty girl. She never gets told off, she gets away with so much. We are definitely going to have to start doing something about the post though as too much is getting ruined. She sees the postman coming down the drive, runs to the door and grabs it as it is being pushed through. I think she is trying to protect the house, although I am not sure the postman will see it that way. I think I got side tracked again there, I was talking about the post. Anyway, I hope everything arrives in time for Saturday as we will be starting to take some more “stuff” over to Foxglove. Just One More Day……..ONE DAY MORE!!!

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