I am so glad there are only 2 more days of work to go. I am exhausted tonight. Just want to try and get everything done at home and prepare everything that we need for our stay on Foxglove. We are both really busy at work to try and get everything done before the Christmas break. I have never looked forward to a break so much as I have this one. So many things I want to do whilst on Foxglove and I am looming forward to taking Wish for nice long walks. She will be so ready for her next bath if the weather stays as it is as the tow paths are very muddy. She is a good girl though and thank goodness she doesn’t go in the canal.  Let’s hope the weather stays o.k and perhaps a little snow would be nice. A Christmas is never the same without snow and the canals always look very pretty. I am sure there will be lots of photo opportunities. Anyway, I am off to the land of nod now……starting to yawn! Two more days, just two more days 🙂

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