It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas:-)

IMG_0918Yes it certainly is and it feels like it to. Roy spent almost 2 hours in Tesco’s this morning to do the weekly food shop and and a few extra goodies for Christmas. We arrived at the boat just after lunchtime with bags of food and belongings and Christmas decorations. Foxglove looks fantastic! Today has been great and we have even managed to take Wish out for a lovely walk also.

IMG_0914IMG_0916I took the most hilarious photo of Roy today. He was about to open the box of lace that he has just bought. I think he looks like a Pixie!

The lace looks amazing. Thank you Evelyn for sending it out so quickly. I think it will look stunning in the boatman’s cabin.

Started to relax already and there was a moment today everything just felt so nice that I said to Roy it was the happiest I had felt in a long time. It feels truly magical on the boat. I could get so used to this far quicker than I thought 🙂

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4 Responses to It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas:-)

  1. Jo says:

    Looking good and I love the lace. We have something similar. Love the photo with the box and Wish in the back ground thinking “is that box for me” or “Where’s mine”.
    Merry Christmas to you both, enjoy your first Christmas on the boat ;0)

  2. Evelyn Booth says:

    Hope you have a very happy Christmas Day. Your boat looks lovely!

    Evelyn B

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