Curtains up!

imageRoy has managed to put up some curtains in the kitchen today and they look fantastic. I think the kitchen finally looks homely. Good job Roy!

Well it has rained lots today but it has been so cosy on the boat. Delivered a few Christmas cards to fellow moorers. I am surprised how many are staying on their boats over Christmas. Everyone seemed in good spirits though. I cannot believe it is Christmas tomorrow. Still exciting even when you are 40!

Tried a few things out on the boat today. Used the shower and Roy frightened the life out of me as he went outside and knocked on the hatch above the shower, I looked up to see his face there. Frightened the life out of me. He probably got more of a shock though than me! Anyway the shower is really spacious as it is over a corner bath and it even has an area you can sit on and wash your feet without falling over. Loads of space. It was great.

Next thing we decided to try was the washing machine. I have just finished washing a load of towels and put it on the drier cycle. Washing has never been so exciting! Not quite sure how the drier cycle works. It is either drying it now or re- washing the whole thing again. It seems to be taking a very long time. I might resort to hanging it on the radiators later or perhaps looking for the instruction manual.

Roy is keeping very busy today. I can never get him to do jobs at home but he seems to love it on the boat. He is in the middle of putting up his Christmas present at the moment as he has had a TV for the boat. He is just trying to put it on a wall bracket. I am supervising, honestly. Up a bit Roy, down a bit, to the left, left a little bit more. We might even get to watch a film tonight. He is watching a blank screen at the moment seeing if it is level. He doesn’t know I am writing about him at the moment. He is very particular. I think he is getting more OCD than me. Oh yes that reminds , only took me 30 minutes to do a complete clean through this morning, hoovering, mopping, clean the bath, do the dishes, polish up etc. That would take me hours at home.

Anyway, tis the night before Christmas and may I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

Best wishes from Clare, Roy & Wish xxxxx

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