Facing my fears.

No it isn’t a blog about spiders it is about the one thing I have feared the most since owning this boat……the locks!

Today was supposed to be sunny. First time on my phone that the weather was completely wrong as it has rained for most of the day. Anyway, we decided last night we would go out on Foxglove today and stay out on her for a couple of nights on the canal. This would be the firIMG_0084st time that Roy and myself would be on Foxglove on our own and we would also have to face our first lock. I have heard so many horror stories about 70ft boats getting caught on the cill in the locks that I have really dreaded this moment. I injured my back a few years ago so I find it too hard to open the locks so Roy has always done the locks whilst I have driven through them. On our old boat “Marpessa 2” I always managed to go in the locks perfectly but I was really worried about the extra 10 ft, 6 ft of which you can’t even see on Foxglove and the whole controls being different. I knew today would be a challenge, one of which I could not avoid.

WishMade sure we filled up with water, and emptied the loo before we went ( that’s Roy’s job by the way) and most importantly that the stove in the back cabin was lit as I really wanted to cook some jacket potatoes in there whilst we were traveling. Off we set, and Wish made herself straight at home by jumping on the seating area covered in my really nice throw. She looked so comfy and cute that I didn’t move her.

Roy did most of the trip whilst I read my book, made drinks and prepared dinner. The jacket potatoes started to smell fantastic on the way. This was a whole new experience for us both because we were properly using the back cabin for the very first time.

In no time at all we reached our first lock on Foxglove. I was worried sick. All went very well though, although I was very nervous as I went down in the lock because of the cill but I was clear enough from it. The whole experience was totally different than on our last boat because you are just far more aware of the size of the boat. Roy caught all the action on camera and off we headed for our second lock.


One thing that is really great on Foxglove is because there is a stove in the back cabin it’s so warm when you are traveling. You can really feel the heat coming from the stove, not to mention the jacket potatoes that smelt really good!

Went through the second lock without any problems although I must admit I am going to dread doing this when the boat will have it’s new paint job done next May. I think I need to start looking for bubble wrapping during these next few months!

IMG_0100We decided to moor at a place called Shirleywich. We made it! No bumps or scratches, hope I will say the same in a few months time. We had our jacket potatoes and it was lovely sitting in the back cabin nice and snug eating away. It didn’t feel real, just one of those surreal moments. Whatever it was it was great. IMG_0103We have decided to stop here for the night and move on a little further tomorrow. So peaceful out on the canal. The fire is going and it is lovely and cosy. I still can’t quite believe we are doing this. It is great. Supposed to be going back to work on Wednesday but we are heading in totally the opposite direction at the moment. Ooops!! 😉

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6 Responses to Facing my fears.

  1. Anita Davies says:

    Hey fabulous driving through the lock…… Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful New Year. X

    • Thanks Anita. Scary stuff when you are near the cill. Apparently Foxgloves very first journey was almost its last as the original owners got it caught on the cill but luckily they stopped the lock and started to refill it again. Read so many stories about this it made me worry. Hope you saw the photo of the bag you gave me! Have a great New Year! Xxx

  2. Stefano Gervasoni says:

    Oh oh it was longtime i was not reqding your blog! What interesting improvements so far! I think i would really need a boat to calm me down. I always need to run and rush and it looks like I must have stress to enjoy my life. I want to be on the boat for 15 days and enjoy the slow moving of the boat and enjoy mile by mile. I wish you and Roy a wanderful new year. All the best from Italy..

    • Thanks Stefano. Next time you come over you will have to stay on the boat instead of the B&B. We promise you a cruise out on it next time you are over. Happy New Year also to you and your family. Xx

      • Stefano Gervasoni says:

        Ok…your proposition is accepted….maybe i will stay during te next Springs……happy new year!

      • That would great. Will be better in the Spring when the tow paths aren’t so muddy. Everywhere is still flooded at the moment and the tow paths have still not recovered. All good fun though. Happy New Year to you also. Xxx

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