Roy had to pop back home today to take a few things back that we no longer need on the boat. We are trying not to clutter the boat with unnecessary items. I don’t know how we will go on when we leave the house because we have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. Before we had a boat we used to spend most weekends around shops just to find things to do and of course you end up wasting so much money buying things that you don’t really need. Since first owning a boat which is just over 3 years now,we hardly go out shopping anymore and we have had more quality time together and made so many new friends.

Got to make the most of the last few days as we both have to go back to work on Wednesday 😦 We will be putting our plan into action though come the new year and start to prepare for living on Foxglove full time. We are still not sure whether to sell or rent the house, lots of decisions to be made but one thing we do know is that we love living on Foxglove.

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2 Responses to Shopping

  1. Jo says:

    May I wish you both a Very Happy New Year and an exciting on it will be with you getting to know your boat. We may see you somewhere on the cut.
    As for leaving the house and moving on to the boat, we lived in a 3 bedroom house and yes we had lots of clutter. Most of it went to Charity shops, they loved receiving all the bags and boxes, we lost count of how many in the end. We put some personal stuff into storage, whilst our boat was built and the rest of the household items stayed in the house, such as beds, white goods, table, chairs, curtains, carpets etc. Once the boat was built, all the stuff in storage was put in the hold, where we went through it again and got rid of more things we knew we would never need. For us it worked out really well, because we had a first time buyer, so they were immediately kitted out, they only need to move in with their clothes, bedding etc. We both found it very therapeutic getting rid of the clutter and starting a new, so I wish you luck when your time comes. As for buying things we do not need. We have a storage box in the hold, which holds Winter/Summer clothes, these get sorted every year. We also have a policy, that if something is not used in 6 months then it goes. Living on a boat with limited space, does make you realise just how little you need to get by. We only have the cupboards and draws in the back cabin for clothes and bed linen.
    Good luck with your decisions on the house and with your new life on board Foxglove. xx

  2. Thanks Jo. Good knowing someone who has been through it already. Some good advice there. Xx

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