Happy New Year!

TIXALL WIDEFantastic start to the New Year. MORNING VIEWBright sunny day and what a view to wake up to.

This is what I love about living on the boat. Waking up somewhere different to find views like this.

SWANTwo swans came to the boat as soon as I opened the side hatch. They finished off my bread. Roy was glad because he really doesn’t like seeded brown bread. The swans did anyhow. I was searching in the cupboards for something else for them but I thought it best I stop before I started on the cereals. Not sure if honey shreddies and golden nuggets should really be fed to swans!

We needed to set off back to the marina as it is the dreaded ‘W’ word tomorrow. ( work)

WISHReally don’t want to go back because we have had a great time especially since we left the marina. The canals were so quiet and everywhere is just so peaceful.

I got to start the engine today on my own. Cool! Quite into this engine business. Checked the oil, all OK. Roy got a drip of it on his hand and then continued to wipe it on his jeans. Typical man! Anyway, press of the cold start button, bit of throttle, turn the key once, then again then hold……..whrrrrrr, hmmmmm, whrrrrr, chugggg, chugggg, chugg, putt, putt, putt and we were ready. Starting my little mini in the morning is going to be a doddle compared to this.

WESTONThe sun stayed out for the entire trip back, a bit cold but who cares when that stove is roaring away in the cabin.
On the way back saw a boat called Tigger, I ELLEdidn’t have chance to get my camera out in time. Also missed another photo opportunity of another boat called Foxglove. Anyway the camera was out just in time to catch this narrowboat name. Funniest one I have seen! “Soddin Elle” was her name. Very unique!

My turn today, whether Roy liked it or not, to take Foxglove back into the marina and into the mooring spot. We had a slight heated discussion on the way who was taking her in, he lost , it was my turn, end of! Certainly showed him how to do it, I just took her in real slowly and straight into her mooring spot. I was a bit under pressure because there was a man watching me on the bridge as I did the whole thing. I think it was the Australian guy off Parisian Star.  Hi if it was you Mick? I have this image in my head that one day there will be a row of people with score cards in their hands just like dancing on ice, 10 points, and another 10 points. I think you get my drift. Anyway I did it perfectly much to my relief and I was very calm but in my head I was jumping up and down, clapping my hands with excitement like a seal!

It has been a fantastic Christmas and a great start to the new year.

Off home now 😦 really don’t want to go back. We will be back again at the weekend. Already looking forward to it. So don’t want to leave. We could stay another night…..Can’t really go to work in my pink wellies or can I??


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