Electrical equipment

Bought myself yet another Dyson Hoover! It is a cylinder and it is the best type of Hoover for a boat ever. I am sure I would be good at advertising products like this on QVC. It comes with so many attachments it is excellent and it stores away neatly in a little cupboard…..even better. We are trying to ensure that everything has a place on the boat and that there is nothing unnecessary on here. We still have lots of empty cupboard space at the moment so I think we are doing o.k.

We arrived back on Foxglove on Friday night and it was a big relief to be back. I had only been back at work for 3 days and it seems already that Christmas was months ago. Had a much needed lie in on Saturday morning and we decided to stay at the marina for the weekend and get some jobs done and try something out that we have not used yet in fear of it leaking. It was the dishwasher. Foxglove already came with a dishwasher and it works fantastically. Saves keep washing up about 5 or 6 times a day after every cup of tea. Probably uses less water than washing up everything individually. Well pleased! Still can’t get the drier function on the washer drier to work but it doesn’t really matter as any washing drys incredibly quickly on the radiators and condensation hasn’t even been an issue as there are 3 Houdini hatches on the boat. Roger Fuller designed this boat perfectly. There isn’t a thing I would change about it at all and I so love the corner bath which I filled up last night with a hot bubble bath and relaxed in for over half an hour. Bliss 🙂

Went out with Roy & Wish first thing this morning and treated ourselves to a cappuccino at the marina. It is such an idyllic lifestyle getting up when you want, no rush to do anything or go anywhere, having friends over, beautiful scenery everyday. We will be putting our plan into action during the next few months as we really love the boat. Best thing we ever did!


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2 Responses to Electrical equipment

  1. Jo says:

    I read this posting and it reads as though you have a broad smile on your face just from being on the boat. There is no better place when it is exactly as you want it, so I know exactly how you feel. Roger does build an amazing boat, ours is everything we wanted and more. The only down side for you both is the four letter word WORK arghhhhhhhh. Have a good week x

    • Hi Jo. Nice to hear from you. You are right about work! Hated going back this week. We couldn’t wait to get back on it on Friday. I really envy you both living the dream. Really can’t wait to be living on it full time. Xx

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