Definite decision made!

Wnter At Aston marinaWe came to a definite decision after this weekend that we definitely do not want to be living on Foxglove whilst still in a marina. Roy will not let me write the reasons why because sometimes I can be a bit too honest. So at least some kind of decision has been made. Some more thought needs to be given how we are going to do this because of continuing with work. I am sure we will find a private mooring along the canal somewhere.  If anyone knows of any locally please let me know.

Snow DogSnow Dog 25photoThe best thing about this weekend though was Wish & Frank. Our friends Angus & Jan came over with Frank and it is always lovely to see them and this weekend the dogs got along even better. We took them for a walk in the snow and it was lovely to see them playing together. My new wellies are fantastic by the way and I would recommend them to anyone. They are called BOGS and they really do keep your feet warm without the extra need for thicker socks.

We have really settled in on the boat now and really look forward to the weekends. It took me ages to get home from work on Friday because of the snow on the roads but it did not stop us going over to the boat.

The new steps arrived last week but unfortunately  I forgot to take pictures of them this weekend. We had them made by Rob Shone who did all the other joinery work on the boat for us when we first had Foxglove. They have made getting on and off the boat, both front and the back of the boat so much safer and even more storage now.

The weekend went far too quick as per usual. Back to work today and already planning what we are going to do next weekend. Whatever it will be will be on the boat that is for sure!Snow

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4 Responses to Definite decision made!

  1. Jo says:

    When decisions are made it is always a relief, because can then move on to the next decision to be made. Neither of us ever want to live on board in a marina, but that is our choice and like you we have our reasons, probably like yours ha ha ha. To find private moorings suitable for living on can be like finding hens teeth, but they are out there. I wish you luck with that quest should that be your decision. We have always thought that once we are to old to move the boat or ill health takes over, we would find a mooring somewhere, but unless we are pushed it will not be in a marina, unless it was a linear mooring.

    The weather hear is just like there, we have had a lot of snow, which Paddy thinks is great fun to play in with his ball. I adore the snow, and have been like a child since it began falling.

    You both stay safe out there x

    • Hi Jo, I have been reading your blog everyday. Really envy you both being able to run your business from the boat. This would be ideal for Roy & myself. I am sure we will come to some decision sometime soon. Loving your pictures! They are fabulous.xx

      • Jo says:

        Firstly thank you for reading my blog and your comments. It is always nice to know someone reads it lol… Decisions are meant to be taken over time and I am quite sure when you finally reach yours, you will feel at peace with it. It is such a huge thing to mull over. I am always happy to listen and offer assistance. xxxx

      • Hi Jo, I read your blog everyday. It is my favourite one that I read. Really appreciate your support. Look forward to meeting up with you with our dogs xxx

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