Plans for the weekend

I wonder what the weather will be like for this weekend…….cold no doubt, but I also think the canals will be frozen. Hoping to meet up with Nick & Emma who bought our last boat from us Marpessa2 at the weekend only if they make it down in time. Will be good to catch up with them.

Planning on plenty of walks though for this weekend especially if the tow paths are frozen, no dirty dog feet to bring back on the boat. I have also bought myself a new pair of wellies called BOGS, they look and feel great so lets hope they are comfy for some long walks. I have ordered yet another door mat for the boat……..I have just ruined my other one and almost the washing machine in process. Roy has lost count how many mats I have bought (good cause it is a lot!)

Wish misses us while we are at work. She is made such a fuss of though when we get back home…….she kicked Roy out of bed last night, well what I mean is I let her get on the bed before Roy got in and she would not move. So funny though because she actually put her head on his pillow and then started to roll about wanting to play and we just let her. She is really funny and I love her to bits………I actually said to Roy don’t move her so he said should I go sleep on her bed then? I won’t tell you my answer but I bet you can guess. 😉

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4 Responses to Plans for the weekend

  1. Jo says:

    As I type it is snowing again at Welford and we are in for a lot of the white stuff tomorrow, with the temperature getting down to -11c over night. Frozen in but lovely and warm ;0).
    Paddy (Collie dog) enjoyed playing with his ball in the snow today. The only problem was it made me realise just how dirty his white bits are LOL.
    Stay safe and warm. xx

    • I find it has been warmer on the boat than it is at home. Just started snowing here. We will still be over at the boat though this weekend. Can’t wait to play with Wish in the snow! Xx

  2. Elly says:

    Come over and say hello sometime when you’re in the marina. Haven’t spotted you since our very first day – except a wave as Foxglove coms through the marina entrance!
    Nb Parisien Star –

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