Here today gone tomorrow

That is basically what happened with the weather this weekend. The snow was so bad Friday night that we decided to stay at home as first thing Saturday morning we had planned to Wish to the groomers early so we thought it was best leaving from home. Oh my! The snow had come down so bad during the night that we could not get out. The roads were terrible. There was no way I was risking driving out in the snow as the roads were completely white. I could not believe though what a difference the next few hours made. The sun came out and cars started to use the road and by midday the roads were looking a lot better. Really annoying though because we could not even get over to the boat because of the weather this morning but by 2 pm we had made our way over to Foxglove.

We only went over for a few hours to do a few jobs and decided not to stay overnight because the marina was pretty much still frozen and we could not go anywhere so we made our way back home for a Chinese takeaway and a movie.

Woke up this morning to find out most of the snow had completely disappeared. It was unbelievable because there was so much yesterday and yet today nobody would have known. We made our way back over to Foxglove today to find flooding on the road due to the rain from last night and the melted snow. The water levels in the marina have already risen and Roy has had to slacken the ropes off as we could already see some of the other boats listing. Part of the marina is still frozen and it was quite windy today which was a shame because we hoped to fill up with diesel and perhaps even have a trip down the canal. I bet the tow paths are extremely muddy now and very squelchy. As we left the boat tonight we thought we heard a boat coming along the canal but it wasn’t, it was actually water flooding from the fields and running onto the towpath and into the canals. Everywhere looked so pretty yesterday and yet today a completely different story.

The weather is going to get warmer during the next few days and so all the ice will soon be gone and hopefully next weekend we can get to go out on Foxglove. I also worked out it is exactly 12 weeks until I have a week off work and that will be the week we take Foxglove to be repainted. I can’t believe how quickly time is going. Still not 100% sure what colour scheme to have the boat as we have seen some beautiful ones on the marina but they are more modern than ours and suit that particular boat. Who knows. We still have 3 months to decide and I am sure we will have changed our mind at least a 100 times by then.

Oh well back to work tomorrow. Got the boss coming over from Italy. Hi Stefano if you are reading! I must wish our good friend Davide good luck for tomorrow as he will be starting his new job tomorrow in Italy. We still miss you Davide! I hope you had a fantastic holiday.

narrow-boats-not-narrow-mindsWe are on the look out for some retro/vintage pictures to put in the little “porch” area of Foxglove. I love the Keep Calm and Carry On signs although the people who bought our last boat from us had the most fantastic one made for them, it said “Keep Calm and Carry On Narrowboating.” I think Roy is searching the internet to see what he can find. Amazing what you find out there.

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