Yet another rug!!

Most people who know me will know I like to keep things clean. I could tell you all about the different mops out there, hovers, cleaning products , the lot. I am sure I would do well on programmes like QVC as I actually do get enthusiastic about some of the ” stuff” out there. Another big thing are mats, door mats, rugs etc. Well tonight a great opportunity came my way and Roy didn’t take much convincing….. Well perhaps a little. Anyone who has coal fire on their boat will surely understand where I am coming from. What a mess they make. Doesn’t matter how careful you are you can guarantee some black will get on your floor. We have carpet down…… Arghhhh! Even put something down at the time but there is always one tiny little black speck that spreads and smears all over the place. Little bit of an exaggeration but it is just do annoying. Anyway, I am waffling now….. We went over to BHS tonight hoping to find some retro signs: pictures that I mentioned but no luck. Anyway I found the most fabulous bath mat that is black and looks just like a rag rug, if you hold it at a distance with one eye shut 😉 Anyway I think it will do just the job as our new rug/ mat for by the fire. Told you, even Roy was convinced 😁

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2 Responses to Yet another rug!!

  1. Jo says:

    It is always a bargain when you find what you are looking for, so well done on the rug. On our other boat we had carpets and decided that when Hadar was built there would not be a carpet in sight, especially with us having Paddy. By the door the carpet never dried out. So on hadar we have laminated flooring in the saloon and galley, in the back cabin we have dear old lino and rag rugs, Keith made the rag rugs. Coal fires can be dusty old thing, but so reliable for the cosy comfort of watching the flame on a cold and wet day ;0). We have two fires so you can imagine the dirt and dust, which I tend to turn a blind eye too. The back cabin is always dusty and the plates and lace always need attention, but I would not change it for the world.
    Have a lovely weekend, when it arrives x

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