Fuel gauge

I have sent the fuel gauge off today to see if it can be repaired or replaced. It would be so useful if we could get it working instead of playing guess work and using a dipstick. We have a gauge on the water and it is fantastic because not only can you see how much water you have but when you use the washing machine, dishwasher or even when you fill the bath you can find out exactly how much water you are using so then you can work out how many days you have  left before filling up again. On our old boats we never had this facility so it was a case of ensuring it was topped up every day when we were on holiday. I never

wanted to get caught short of water.

Back to work today and I mentioned to someone the idea of the colour scheme I have for the boat. I really want to go for the idea I have but I am worried sick if it won’t look right. I know that I still want it to look traditional to compliment the style of the boat. It could either look fantastic or end up a big disaster. Only 2 months though until I take a week off work so we can take the boat to be painted. I am already getting excited because I used to love polishing our last boat, it was very relaxing and therapeutic. Trying to polish up Foxglove as it is at the moment would just be like facing a losing battle.

Any ideas for the colour scheme would be appreciated. The name stays though. I quite like “Foxglove”. Thanks goodness we aren’t choosing another name……I am already getting on Roy’s nerves keeping asking about the colours. He is colour blind so he is of no use what so ever! I have told him about the idea that I have had though and I think he is going to take some pictures of the boat then change the colours on his computer program. Might have a go at some  wacky ideas just for a joke. Who knows?!! Keep watching 😉


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2 Responses to Fuel gauge

  1. Jo says:

    I am going to be no use at all, because I love Foxgloves colours as they are now….. Sorry LOL.

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