I will let you into a secret……

Okay now here goes….I will let you all into a secret tonight as this was, and I mean WAS my idea of the the new colour scheme. Anyone seen the Flying Scotsman steam train? The Flying ScotsmanWell it is gorgeous. The colours are truly amazing. Dark green and black and gold lettering and a splash of bright red I thought would look quite amazing on the boat. What do you think?

Anyway, to cut a long story short Roy was “Googling” on the internet last night and it seems that Foxglove already has a connection with steam trains and because of what we found out it would be such a shame to change the current colour scheme because of the history that we found. The facts are truly amazing………

lms2When the London Midland & Scottish Railway was formed in 1923 it inherited a considerable canal network including boats from several existing canal carrying companies.
The boats took on the famous LMS Maroon livery.


NB Mecca Day Boat (1928)

Mecca NB

NB Mecca (1928) Conversion to Motorboat (1996)

One LMS boat, (MECCA) was built as a
69′ 11″ open iron day boat in 1928.
In 1948 all LMS boats were passed into the ownership of British Railways until 1954 when ownership passed to British Waterways.

In 1990 BW sold MECCA into private ownership where it was converted into a 60ft motorboat by Five Towns Boatbuilding (Roger Fuller) and later lengthened to 70ft.

Was this the inspiration
behind Foxglove’s colour scheme?

What do you think?


NB Foxglove (2005)

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3 Responses to I will let you into a secret……

  1. Jo says:

    Well there you go, as good a reason as any to stick with the colours she has now. I did think though before I read you posting that Green and Gold would also look nice.
    Even though we saw Foxglove being finished, I do not know why they chose those colours, but Roger has a lot to do with railways and as you will know he has his own layout around the boat yard, so maybe that helped with them choosing those colours. x

  2. Roland says:

    That’s Mecca at Warwickshire fly after I had shed tears over her back deck on leaving her for sale with Tim before emigrating to oz. I saw your boat at Mercia and was impressed.. Shame you didn’t dare the green handrails….we now have Guccc fenny and spend time between oz and the uk. We saw Mecca on the Staffordshire cut this year looking not as well as she might.
    Your boat looks truly wonderful. I have a picky of Mecca at chedleton passing a sign written Lms steam loco… Fabulous..

    • Hi Roland, we based the colours of our boat on Mecca, even down to the painted circles on the bow. Did you used to own Mecca then? We did consider the green handrails but played it safe. We are really pleased how she looks now. Did we meet you at Mercia? We have been here 5 months now. Loving it. Would like see some photos of your GUCCC boat. Thanks for your kind comments.

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