Gas & Electricity Bill

Oh my goodness, I have come home from work tonight to be greeted by the Gas & Electricity bill. It is extortionate for 3 months. This reason alone is good enough to move on the boat as the heating costs are far cheaper on a boat. It is also warmer on the boat.

Anyway on a brighter note Roy showed me a photo of our boat tonight with a different colour scheme and does not suit the boat one bit whatsoever. He used a computer program to change the colours…….I wish it was that simple to do the real thing. It has been good to see the boat though in a different colour because at least it has definitely made our mind up to keep her the same colour. 2 months to go….. I wonder how many more times I will change my mind during this time. I can’t wait to meet up with painter and discuss it all. Somewhere on the boat there will be definitely be hearts, I am making sure of that!

Not made plans yet of what and where we are going at the weekend as the lock at Great Haywood is closed for 2 weeks. Might head Stone direction instead. It is far busier along that part of the canal so it will certainly test our boating skills. The farmers market will also be on this weekend so it might be nice to have a walk into the town centre and see what they have to offer. Stone is a lovely town centre and it has everything you could need and is literally a stones throw from the canal. With a chandlery also on hand it is a boaters dream mooring.

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