Boat Names

Before anyone asks though we are not thinking of changing the name of Foxglove. I quite like it. If I could choose a name though it would either be after my dog, Wish, or probably something quite funny. The reason I have got onto this subject is because Roy found a fantastic name in the canal boat magazine. It was called “Squeeze Box” with a picture of an accordion underneath but of course it has the double meaning of squeeze box of trying to fit everything into a small place. I think that is one of the favourite names I have seen. A lot of boats are named after their owners, pets, musical terms and places and some have names with a good sense of humour.

“Meander” is another good name although it was months before I understood this one…..Me and her……

“BeauLocks” is another good one……no explanation required on this one

“Grumpy Old Git” is another one we have seen and I remember asking the man driving it “are you.” He laughed back

“No More Mondays”….. Like the sound of that one

“Recycled Teenagers”……. Sounds like Roy and myself that one does.

If anyone has seen anymore good names out there please share them. Some of them show what a good sense of humour people have.

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2 Responses to Boat Names

  1. Mick n Mags says:

    Living at the end of a cul de sac we named the house “Wits End” for a while we thought of naming the boat the same way. “Wits End II”. Then we thought of “Onion Bargee” but luckily we got over that. But the original boat name Rose of Arden grew on us and it has stuck.

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