Where has Roy gone?

Someone has taken Roy and left another man in replacement that looks just like him, it even sounds just like him, smells just like him…… Some not so good smells but the only thing that is different is that this “Roy” lookalike can clean, in fact he is quite amazing. He has come home with brasso liquid, brasso pads, rubber gloves, carpet cleaner, sponges, cloths etc…… Who is this person???

Anyway all kidding aside Roy is really getting into this whole cleaning thing. I suppose it is a different kind of cleaning because he is polishing all the brass up on the boat and making improvements. I made him buy some disposable gloves because his hands get so filthy after messing about, I mean working in the engine room and the cabin that even after washing his hands most of the black ends up on the towels!! Now that’s the Roy I know 😉


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