Weigh in.

First week of the diet and I have lost 3 lbs. I am being very good with what I eat. Lets hope it continues.

Anyway, enough about diets……….off to the boat tonight. It is possibly going to snow this weekend. I hope it does while we are out cruising as it is great fun. Seems quite magical.

Got the hats and scarves ready, oh and the wellies, so as long as we are prepared it is fine. Even got Wish her coat. Roy has gone armed with all his cleaning products and yet another plate. The boatmans cabin is becoming his little pride & joy.

Starting to love Fridays because as soon as I finish work I head straight for the boat. Roy is great because he goes and gets all the shopping done for the weekend, gets the dog, lights both fires and basically he gets everything ready so we can set off straight away. It is always a bit of rush because we try to get out of the marina and moored up while there is still light. It will get easier in a few weeks when the clocks go forward.

Looking forward to taking more photos this weekend. Come rain or shine i don’t mind as long as we are on the boat.


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