Busy, busy, busy.

1photoLate tonight blogging as I have been out for tea with my daughter Jessica. It has been lovely to catch up with her. Last minute photo before she went taken with Dad E, grown up name for Daddy, family joke. As always Wish had to get in on the photo. Ate prawns and way too much lettuce, think I will choose the restaurant next time Jess! Perhaps a Mexican one eh?

Well it has been a busy weekend. First of all we went to meet Sally Tooze to discuss the paintwork on Foxglove. I am getting really excited now. Part of the name is going to change on the side of the boat, a few different colours here and there but it is going to look fab!

Quickly called in at Bridgemere Garden centre on the way back, unfortunately not for plants but to call in at the Lakeland Centre to get a clothes airer for the boat as I want to start really trying more at the whole living on the boat experience a bit more which means washing, drying and ironing the bedding on the boat rather than bringing it all home. Anyway, more about that later. 10photoWe also called at the Hobby Craft store that is also there as we needed some new ribbon for the ribbon plates and Roy thought of the idea of me sewing little beads onto the lace as a bit of a hobby for me. Great idea, although I think Roy will soon regret the decision, you will find out why shortly.

11photoAlso took a look at some other moorings but we did not like them not because of the marinas but the canals are not really suitable for just weekend cruising because of all the locks. 16 locks at one marina if you took a right turn. No good for weekends. Anyway we really like Aston Marina and we love the canals where we go currently even if only a short trip out the scenary is great. I love it around Sandon area and Great Haywood, always lots of friendly people about. Shame the geese and ducks dont get along. Tried to get a photo of this one particular goose chasing off these ducks. Quite funny!

12photoWe rushed about all day and decided last minute to drive over to the marina and set off for the night. Think we moored up around 8 pm. We were both shattered. Slept the next morning until 9.30 am. Must have been tired as I had 12 hours sleep. Made pancakes again and then Roy and I set about doing a few jobs. He sorted out the ribbon plates and put everything up with proper fixing hooks and I started sorting out the 100’s of beads that I had bought ready for a bit of sewing.  4photo 3photoI enjoyed making the little dangly beads so much I got a bit carried away and ending up doing 3 different lots of lace with beads. I then started thinking what could I sew all these beads onto or where else could I put some more lace with dangly beads. I can see me getting carried away. Thought they may look nice hanging from each point on the table cloth, what do you think? All I would need is a crystal ball to go with it! I am kidding. 2photoI do have an awful lot of beads left though. I will find some use for them. A new collar for Wish perhaps.

Managed to wash,dry and iron the bedding.
It was a beautiful day though as it dried very quickly.
It was good fun! Never thought I would say that about doing the laundry.

8photo 5photo

Lots of pictures taken. It was a really enjoyable and relaxing weekend.

6photo 7photo

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