Freaky Friday!

Yes that is what Midlands Chandlers are calling today, Freaky Friday. 20 % everything in store so tonight we ventured off to Penkridge to get a few items for the boat.

Midland ChandlersThe 2 guys who helped us out were very helpful. Hi Mez & Gary. I did promise I would mention them. Bought myself a copper cauldron/bucket. Wanted to get this every time I have seen it, but today it was half price as it was the last one, so I could not resist to buy it. Got a chimney brush, mooring hooks, oil, grease, toilet liquid and a few other bits and bobs. We have ordered 2 new chimneys and a spare toilet cassette as there was 20% off, so all in all it was a good saving. They are open on-line until midnight to get the 20%, so if anyone out there wants to save a few pennies now is the time to get all your boating requirements.

Big day tomorrow as we are meeting Sally Tooze our boat painter to go through everything that is going to be done on Foxglove. So excited. This week has flown by. Two more weeks and then Roy and I have finished work. Cannot wait!

Visiting a few marinas also this weekend just to have a look around to see if there is anywhere else we would prefer to moor. We have been at Aston Marina for 3.5 years and a change of scenary on the canals would be good, however I love the canals where we are and with a newly painted it might be better as we are used to them, so hopefully there won’t be too many bumps and scratches. Who knows what we might do. Good to keep your options open.

Given out 9 degrees for this weekend……….that is like a heat wave compared to the last few weekends. We will still be venturing off on Foxglove at some point this weekend.

Must take more photos…….I always forget to take it with me when we go out for walks, or keep it with me when I am steering the boat. I will try remember. Getting forgetful in my old age!! Not as old as Roy though (sorry Roy).

Off to the land of nod now…….I am shattered to be honest. Been a very busy week again at work. Up early in the morning, so I bid you all farewell. Goodnight!!

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