You can always count on me to do something embarrassing, well today was one of those days. Met a couple having tuition at one of the locks and “I thought” she was French. IMG_0294 GroundedNever being afraid to saying anything or listening in to other people’s conversation I recognised that she had a “French” accent…..well at least I thought she did. “Bonjour” I said…..just about to reel off a bit more French….”Comment avez vous?” when the woman looked at me strange not really understanding me…..I then asked if she was French which she Pointy Endunderstood as she was from the Ukraine but understoodEnglish!! “Have a nice day” I said as I carried on cruising with total embarrassment. Roy was laughing……not funny though!

Today has been gorgeous and I have got a bit sunburnt today on my face as the sun has been on me the whole of the journey. It felt like the middle of summer and we made the most of the day as we set off just turned 8 am today.

OvertonRoy “drove” through a lock today…..I normally go through them whilst he opens them. It will continue this way as I just got the whole lock opening thing completely wrong and a woman called Julie came and helped me. I am sure she thought I was new to narrowboating as I did not have a clue what to do. Didn’t like to say that we had been doing it for almost 4 years! I just explained that I don’t normally do the locks because of my back but I thought I would give it a go. She was very helpful. THanks Julie! Gave a wave to her husband Nigel as we passed him on their boat Dorothy Goodbody……great name.

GaileyFilled up with water and got rid of our rubbish at Gailey. Called in at the little shop for some souvenirs without Roy……a little spending went on!! Ha ha Roy. Bought 3 plaques, one which says “Boots off here please” , another that says ” Please mind your head” and the last one which was “The Round House at Gailey.” I have lots of these plaques to put up, should I say for Roy to put up, but we have yet decided where they can all go.

Going to cook a stir fry tonight with some noodles. Looking forward to it because I am starving. Might even open a bottle of wine because it is a lovely evening to sit outside and enjoy a glass, or perhaps even two 😉


Heading towards Gnosall tomorrow. We are making good time. Don’t want to get to Audlem to early, although we will definitely be there by Friday and we are going to have a cruise around Audlem to see what the canals are like there should we decide to move marinas. One week today and Foxglove will be taken out of the water for her new coat of paint. Time is going far too quick! I am really enjoying this lifestyle… and home seem a distant memory at the moment. Don’t want to go back to it… has just been so idyllic out on the canals. Perfect!!

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