It was like a scene from the Lion King !

No there wasn’t lions, hyenas or warthogs but there was the sunset.


Everytime I see a sun set like the one tonight I break into the song from the Lion King which i can’t even tell what the words are……sounds something like….Mines a Kenya…..had a deetchee a bar……. 🙂 How many of you have just tried to sing to that?? Go on…own up! The song I mean is the African Chant at the beginning of the musical/DVD.

Had a very relaxing day today. Rob our joiner came this morning to go through some of the jobs that need doing on Foxglove ready for Sally (Willow Boat Painting) to do her job and also a few extra jobs that need to be done whilst we haven’t got the boat.

We have gone past Overwater Marina today so we could have a cruise along the canals to see what they are like. We are moored at a beautiful place this afternoon where there are even picnic benches lined out along the tow path. Unfortunately it was a little bit too cold to eat outside and there has been a few showers today also. Luckily we moored up on time before they started, although there were a few moans from Roy as he got caught by a few hailstones……he said they hurt?? What a wimp!!

As we moored up before lunch time today we have had a chance to really relax and I have managed to start my cross stitch. I opened it up and the pattern is across 3 separate A4 pages……oh dear…..or words to that effect is what I said……I thought perhaps I had chosen something too big to start but I got the needle out and chose the first colour thread to use and off I started. Had a couple of hours doing that today and I have had least made a start.

Wish has walked so much this week she has loved it. It has been great watching her getting on and off at the locks and being so free and just getting involved. She is such a loyal dog I love her lots.

Well tomorrow we will have our last cruise for just over 4 weeks as we will be saying goodbye to Foxglove as she will be left at Overwater Marina for her new coat of paint.

It will be left in the capable hands of Sally Tooze (Willow Boat Painting), Martyn King (Vimart Signwriting) and Rob Shone ( Joiner).

I am feeling very nervous about the whole thing now as we are putting a lot of money into Foxglove for the new transformation. Foxglove is a fantastic boat and I hope that she is restored back to her original beauty. We will be making regular visits over to the marina so we can capture everything on camera.

Thanks to everyone who has kept viewing the blog and who are also excited about seeing Foxglove with her new coat of paint. We promise to keep you all updated.

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2 Responses to It was like a scene from the Lion King !

  1. jan and ang says:

    Hi you two all the pictures have been great but that sunset is amazing .

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