Sad Farewell

Well today was the last day we will be able to go on Foxglove for just over 4 weeks. We made our way, or should I say we were blown into the marina this afternoon, had a tidy and clean up and left the boat ready for Sally and her team to start the re- paint on Tuesday.

It has been a fantastic 9 days. Weather has been excellent, I have loved cooking every day, so relaxing, beautiful scenery, enjoyed taking photos, walking the dog, and basically doing what we want whenever we want. They always say all good things must come to an end……let’s call it a little pause instead rather than the end because in 4 weeks we get to do it all again but hopefully with a stunning looking boat.

It was actually quite sad leaving Foxglove this afternoon and the thought of returning back to everyday life, doing the same thing everyday, driving the same route every day, getting up and going bed the same time every day……blah, blah, blah……etc etc……I think you get the gist of what I am saying. When you are out on the boat there is a sense of freedom, just being able to do whatever you want when you want, go new places everyday, meet new people, everyday there is something new. I have only been home a few hours and I am missing being on Foxglove already.

Well I am going to look on the positive side and just think of all the new places we will get to go on Foxglove when she has finished being painted and we have also got to find her a mooring place. We have not yet decided where she is going to go once we get her back. We may end back up at Aston, we aren’t sure yet. We still have a few more places to see first before we make our final decision.

I will post a few more photos tomorrow night once I have uploaded the photos. Having an early night because it is the dreaded “W” word tomorrow……..yes you guessed it WORK!! It ought to be a swear word……..catch you all tomorrow…….goodnight xxx


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12 Responses to Sad Farewell

  1. Jo says:

    Awww before you know it you will be picking her up and cruising again. Look forward to seeing her new colours. xx

    • Hi Jo, lets hope so. It will give us time catch up on a few necessary jobs at home in the meantime. Our house is starting to look a bit neglected!! Hard trying to look after both house and boat and work full time. Hope we manage catch up again with you. I am still following your blog. We moored at Bugsworth Basin last year on Marpessa. We hada great trip down there. See you soon xx

  2. Steve Harper says:

    HI Clare , What a pukka boat you have there! I’d be tempted to live on it rather than a house. Lovely Photos you take too!

    Steve (AGC)

    • Hiya Steve, Thank you very much. We absolutely love it. That is what we are hoping to do, to live on it permanently. Once the big paint job has been done then we have some serious thinking and decisions to make. At the moment though, for holidays and every weekend it is fabulous. Next time you are over in the area you will have to come and visit and have a cruise out on it. Speak to you soon xx

      • Steve Harper says:

        Never mind taking a trip out on the boat I noticed a photo of a awesome looking cooked brekkie. I might just visit you for that!
        What a beautiful boarder collie you have too.

      • Yes that breakfast was rather nice!! You are more than welcome anytime. Wish (the dog) is adorable by the way. She has been fantastic on the boat. You will probably notice how many photos there are of her. She is beautiful!

  3. Steve Harper says:

    I love dogs too. Considering I had a massive phobia until I was 21 I still can’t believe I now have 3 dogs! I had a wonderful cross collie but lost her just over a year ago and still miss her now. We have two young dogs, a cross Yorkie and a cross Japanese spitz and a Yorkie who is now almost 16!!

    • I am actually quite afraid of dogs as I did get bit by one when I was younger but there was something quite special about Wish. Long story why we got her. Will tell you sometime xx

  4. Steve Harper says:

    Im ok with most dogs now just need to get rid of the fear of spiders now. What a tart i am!!!!

    • That is so funny, cause I am frightened stiff of them also. Had to try and get used to them cause when we bought Foxglove there were lots of them. Go on You Tube and type in “spiders on a narrowboat”. i think it is the fourth video on the list. It will have Roy Henney at the side of it. It will give you a laugh!! You have to watch all of it. Still makes me laugh to this day. Xx

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