Scary word is that dismantling. That is currently what is being done to Foxglove. She was taken out of the water on Tuesday, which 2 kind people are sending me the photos of (Thanks Vivian & Alan) and then put undercover ready for the huge job ahead of her.

Portholes will all be taken out, doors taken off, all the mushrooms and air vents and Houdini hatches removed……..you name it anything removable will be removed. OMG!!

We are going over on Saturday to see the progress, by then all the paint will have been removed. I think we will be in for a shock. The start of next week will be the exciting part when paint starts to get put on. I can’t wait!!! Exciting exciting.

We are also checking on the colours that have been chosen……..are they the same or have we chose totally different? What do you think? There might be a few surprises.

I am like a big kid at Christmas time………can’t wait for the big day. In our case it will be 28th May.

Keep watching!!

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2 Responses to Dismantling!

  1. Anton says:

    Hi Clare and Roy,

    See pics of Foxglove!
    Also, I have the contact details for Alan.
    See you Sat.

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