Putting my mind at rest

Well last night I worried myself silly over if I had chosen the right paint or not. This was because I was writing on the blog last night and kept looking at the colours in the photos. I woke up with a migraine this morning through worrying!! Stupid I know but there was only one thing for it……….phone Sally (Willow Boat painting) http://www.willowboats.co.uk/

We went over all the way back to Audlem today, got stuck in so much traffic it took us almost an hour and a half to get there, all to put my mind at rest.

We arrived to find Sally and Mike painting Foxglove…………just the primer though. I was amazed they had started it. They have done so much in less than a week.

PaintSally opened the tin of paint that we had chosen and it was perfect. Don’t know why I worried myself so much. Well I do, it was because seeing the colour on the internet via my phone and on the lap top  and basically every time I looked I just drove myself mad because the colours looked so different from that in real life. As soon as she opened the tin I just knew it was right. it was like an instant reaction. Tin open…..Yes………Perfect!!

At least it put my mind at rest. Still took half a dozen photos to take away with me 😉

She took outside a selection of the colours that are being used on Foxglove……….what do you think?

1st Coat Of PrimerThere is also a dark green, dark blue, pale blue, yellow and white also to go on the boat………….no we are not having a rainbow, but however these are all the colours that were already on Foxglove. You have to look hard to find them all.

The boat had finished being sanded and filled in where necessary and basically all prepared ready for the primer to go on. They had already started on the roof and whilst we there Mike started on the back panels of Foxglove. It was fascinating to watch.

PaintI am glad I went back over just so I put my mind at rest. Sally was very understanding……..Took her a box of Roses Chocolates cause I know I am a pain the arse! best I say it cause I know I am 😉

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2 Responses to Putting my mind at rest

  1. Vivien & Alan and of course Diamond says:

    So pleased it is all going so well, seems to be coming on so well. Glad you liked the photo’s Vivien & Alan

    • The photos were fantastic. We have got an album at home where we are saving all the memories so the photos are very much appreciated. Don’t forget to come and share a drink with us when it is finished . Thanks again xx

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