Squiggles and Scrolls

http://www.vimartsigns.co.ukIMG_0505We spent ages with Sally (Willow Boat Painting) and Martyn (www.vimartsigns.co.uk) as there were a lot of  final colours and patterns to discuss.   Cream cakes for everyone were very much enjoyed as we discussed of what was going to go on the sides of Foxglove including lots of scrolls, not squiggles as I called them! Oops 😁

It was amazing to see how much had been done during the second week. All the primer and undercoat has been done and the first of 3 layers of topcoat had already been applied. They are sanding down in between each layer and already the finish looked super smooth and shiny. It looked fantastic.

Red IMG_0507  RED IMG_0501Everything has to be wiped down on the boat and around all the building where she is sat. The dust is then allowed to settle over night again then a final wipe down again so everywhere is dust free ready for its final top coats. This will be taking place this week.


IMG_0500 IMG_0499Some items are being sent off for powder coating ready to be put back on the finished boat and the other items have to be polished. Next week all the decorative work, panelling, signwriting and a special piece of artwork will take place. We have changed a few things on Foxglove but if anything it will look more like an original working boat than before.

Roy has done a lot of research on Foxglove and where the original colours, logos etc came from. I think it will look stunning when Sally & Martyn have finished with her.

I don’t think anyone can truly appreciate the time and effort and craftsmanship that goes into re- painting a boat. It has been fantastic to see the progress each week. It really is fantastic.

Other good news is that we have found a new home for Foxglove when she has finished being painted. We have been at Aston Marina for just over 3 1/2 years now so it is time we discovered new canals and we can even go out on the rivers during weekends. I am really excited about our new mooring place as we will also have our own pontoon either side the boat which not only gives us more privacy but is also great for washing your boat down without turning it around. I can actually see us settling there for a long time as there are plenty of new canals and rivers to discover. Very excited.

We have utilised our weekend time whilst we are without Foxglove really well and found a good balance from going out and sorting out the house. Another 8 bags of rubbish have gone today. The house is starting to look a little bare but extremely clean. Just got to keep it that way. The amount of stuff we have started to hoard was unbelievable. With working all week and going over to the boat every weekend the house had been forgotten a little. Not anymore. I feel very motivated and excited about the new beginnings.

Had a lovely time with our Daughter Jessica this weekend and she went the theatre with Roy last night watch Blood Brothers. I went with Wish to pick them both up. Wish smelt like a walking air freshener as she went for a bath and groom yesterday. She looks adorable. Thanks Dee (Dirty Dogs, Dog Grooming) for an excellent job as always.

MerciaMust not forget to mention Brian and Matt from Midland Chandlers. Very helpful and friendly and no doubt we will be seeing a lot of them as they are based by our new moorings at Mercia Marina.

Two weeks to go until Foxglove is finished. Exciting times!

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2 Responses to Squiggles and Scrolls

  1. Jo says:

    Absolutely love the colour, she is going to look amazing. x

    • Hi Jo, Willow Boat Painting are doing an absolute fantastic job. Sally and her team have kept in touch with me most days of the progress. They are really nice to work with. You will have to come visit us at Mercia marina in our new moorings. Hope to see you soon. Keep up with your fantastic pictures. You inspire me every day! xxxx

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