Need to go

No, not to the toilet……….I need to go over and see the boat. Sally phoned me this morning with an update. They have applied the second top coat………this is the colour the boat will be so I am so excited to see it…………The colour that we saw on Saturday was a top coat but not of the final colour, it was still very nice, but I just can’t wait to see the final colour……….work really gets in the way sometimes, either that or I am just very impatient. Think it may be the latter 😉

All of Sally’s team are working really hard. Rob Shone, the joiner is over there today, making some adjustments to doors, steps etc ready to be painted. It is all happening and I just wish I could be over there to see it all.

Could not sleep much last night because I am actually constantly thinking about the boat and our new moorings now………..It really is like the build up to Christmas when you were a kid. I just can’t wait!!

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