Brown paper packages tied up with string??

Yes, another musical song title for my blog tonight. Perhaps with string is slightly incorrect but it will certainly been a brown paper package, but perhaps stuck down with masking tape.

This is all we will be able to see this weekend when we visit Foxglove as most of the sides will be covered with brown paper ready for the coach line and signwriting to be done, so the rest of the boat will be protected whilst this is being done.

I really want to get over to the marina at the moment to see the finished colour of the sides of the boat but unfortunately I am at work during the day so I can’t get over there.

brassed off2013-05-14 14.55.59Sally has been polishing all the brass fitments on the boat and lacquered them for protection. She spent all day polishing them yesterday and she kindly sent us an e-mail with the photos attached with a heading “Brassed Off.” I think it is great she has kept in touch with the progress. Apparently they are going to be fitted back on tomorrow. I bet it is going to look stunning, the shiny brass against the dark shiny red! It really is hard keeping away as I am really excited to see it. 12 whole days left to go and she will be revealed. Then we have the big move! 25 locks in the first day or so OMG………….I just hope the paintwork stays exactly where it is. I am dreading  the trip back as I do not want to scratch it, bump it, collide with a bridge………you name it I just want to get it back safely.

Sally is going to be sending a photo tonight of the outside of the boat so I can have a quick look before the brown paper goes on…………..I think I have already checked my e-mail at least 10 times tonight………….I am so impatient! But very excited!!!!

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4 Responses to Brown paper packages tied up with string??

  1. Jo says:

    They do say patience is a virtue, but I know how you feel, it is so exciting seeing your boat painted, we were the same when ours was painted and yet we were there in the boat yard everyday. Take some tissues with you for the big reveal, they are not to wipe the paintwork with, but you may need them for the tears your going to cry with joy when you see Foxglove xx

    • Oh my goodness I never thought about that….. The big reveal….. I am not very good at containing my feelings….. Lets hope they are tears of joy!!! Not long to go now x

      • Jo says:

        I know how I felt when we saw Hadar in her finery, so thought you may just want to carry a box off tissues with you hahaha. Excited for you both. x

      • Hi Jo, it gets very emotional especially because you invest a lot of money into what will become your home. You get very attached to every part of it. I can’t wait to see the final result xx

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