The Black Knight

AlexWell this young gentleman certainly is my Knight in shining armour…… Meet Alex.

He has done a lot of the painting on Foxglove and we are yet to meet him. First thing I would say to him is …. WOW!!! His paintwork is like a mirror, super smooth, incredibly shiny and just WOW!
Alex has been busy painting the black this week and yesterday when we were over I took this photo……..

shineThe paintwork was so shiny and reflective all you could see was your reflection. You can even see the light and the roof beams reflecting onto the paintwork because it was so shiny. Thank you Alex it looks fantastic!!


Seeing RedIMG_0397Sally let us have a little sneaky peak under the brown paper to see the portholes and also to see the final red colour that we had chosen…… It was another WOW!!
It was very emotional. I was so thrilled with the colours and the quality of the paintwork I got a little emotional although Roy might say embarrassing…. Yes you guessed it….. I started to cry. It really looks fantastic!

Final week this week and I best get the tissues for next week, ( thanks for warning me Jo… NB Hadar)

5 days of work to go for me then I have a week off. Its going to be an exciting week.  Keep watching for the big reveal!!
IMG_0408IMG_0398Alex2013-05-16 13.14.392013-05-16 08.56.39IMG_0407

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2 Responses to The Black Knight

  1. mark says:

    She’s looking nice. We finally picked up Pathfinder 2 last week. As you know, another Roger Fuller beauty. 🙂

    • Hi Mark,

      Would love to see some photos. I am sure you will love her? or is it a him? as much as we love Foxglove. Perhaps we might meet on the waterways one day, bump into one another……….not literally I hope though!!
      Wish you both all the best with Pathfinder 2 🙂

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