Give me a sign

What kind of sign you might wonder, well the sign I have got is the one going on Foxglove. Now nicknamed Foxy ( thanks Mark for the name)!

Martyn (Vimart Signs) has started the signwriting today. I am absolutely bursting with excitement to see it because this is where a big change is going to happen……..can’t tell you yet as it is a surprise…….. Be a surprise for me also as I know what is going to be written on the boat but in what style writing I do not know. I am putting my complete faith in Martyn.

We won’t be able to see Foxy until Saturday. The suspense is killing me! We have been told though it looks fantastic so far. This is the week when all the final colours go on the boat, the diamonds, the hearts, the scallops, who knows perhaps a little Tigger!

People have asked me what is the joke about Tigger……my answer is that you will have to read all the blog!

Rob Shone has also been busy finishing off the final joinery on Foxy. Everyone is working together so hard to get it all finished in time for Tuesday 28th when she will go back into the water! Not long to go now.

I wonder what surprises there will be?


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