Those three W’s are not the beginning of a website they were the first three words that came out of my mouth today when I saw Foxglove……

WOW, WOW, WOW !She is looking fantastic.

Everyone was so busy getting the finishing touches completed on Foxglove.

3photo 2photo

It was fascinating to watch everything being done and we were let into a special treat by actually watching Martyn the signwriter at work.


He also had a little surprise for me………….

He has painted it inside the window peaking out. What a lovely thought and it also makes the boat more personal to us.
Sally was busy pulling all the masking tape away………..she let me have a go………..only did about 3 inches then had to stop……….Far too much responsibility. The last time I pulled masking tape off it pulled half the paint off from underneath……..I was not risking that today on Foxglove.

Rob the joiner was also there. He has finished all the back opening to Foxglove and he has done a fab job. He has also had to make a new opening hatch for her which is just about to have its final coat of paint on it with the only heart we are having on the boat. Don’t forget Martyn!!

IMG_0433So much was going on and everyone was so busy I could not believe that we were there for around 2 hours. It was just so fascinating to watch!

Lots of hugs before we said goodbye as this will be the last visit over now before we collect Foxglove on Tuesday.

No more work now so we can just concentrate on enjoying the boat.

Lets hope the weather stays like it has been today………..it has been beautiful, sunny and quite warm and it certainly lifts your spirits.

Get ready for the big reveal on Tuesday!!

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10 Responses to WWW.

  1. Steve Harper says:

    Looking amazing Clare!!!

  2. Jo says:

    Wow, wow, wow indeed. She looks amazing and you both can be very proud on the work that you have done to bring her back up to scratch. Enjoy cruising her back and getting lots of admiring comments, she is beautiful xxxxxxx

    • Lets hope she looks just as stunning when we arrive at Mercia! Really want to start living on it now. See what happens over the next few weeks. Hope to see you soon Jo. Xxx

  3. Jan and Ang says:

    I am gobsmacked the painting is fantasic the new extra paintings make the boat look stunning x

    • Hi Jan & Ang. Have you noticed the name change on the large panel of sign writing? We have had that different and the LMS logo and the crest as changes. The Tigger was a complete surprise. Think it is fab. Can’t wait for us both to be on the canals together with Wish & Frank. Love to you both xxx

  4. mark says:

    B’Jesus she’s looking fantastic!

  5. Davide says:

    W-hat an amazing boat!
    W-ith Tigger on!

    Have a nice cruise!

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