Extra help!

Well there has been lots going on today at the Marina to get Foxglove finished off.


Rob the joiner has had a helping hand from someone special called Sergei……..apparently he went missing though………He thinks Tigger and Sergei have been up to no good in the boat??




Apparently we have now got some scallops painted on the boat which is something new for Foxglove. There are quite a few subtle changes we have made. Can anyone spot them? I know friends Jan & Angus have noticed one new change.

Just one more  day and 2 nights sleep before the big reveal and the journey back to its new home will begin. How excited am I? Unbelievably excited!!

There is lots to do tomorrow in preparation to collect Foxglove on Tuesday morning, food shopping being one of them. I love cooking when I am on the boat so I always end up buying lots of food for all the recipes I want to try out.

I really hope the weather is going to be as gorgeous as it has been today but everyone keeps warning us we are going to have lots of rain! I hope not. Every time we have been out on Foxglove we have always had lovely weather. I really hope it continues especially because we will be on a tight schedule to get Foxglove back to its new home.

We met the new neighbours today at Mercia marina. Frank & Sherrie and Ann & Terry. Hi guys if you are reading. Glad their names rhymed because I have tried to remember their names all the way back home. It was gorgeous down at the marina today. I can’t wait to moor there. Everyone seemed really friendly and welcoming. We were even given a bottle of wine by the marina as a welcome present which I thought was very nice of them.

I cannot believe the time has almost come when Foxglove will be finished. I think we will find she has been bought back to her true beauty with the thanks of Sally, Martyn & Alex and her team and also with the joinery skills of Rob Shone.

Thanks to all of you. See you Tuesday!!

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