NappiesNappies are of cause for babies!! So why on earth has Roy gone out and  bought lots of packs of nappies I might ask? It is not because I am pregnant ( It would have been immaculate conception if I was!!)……It is for Roy’s little baby…….yes you guessed it…….THE ENGINE!!

I forgot to mention on the way to Mercia Marina I was going through one of the locks and we had a bit of a mishap. I shouted out to Roy ” Oh my goodness” ( actually it was oh shit, but I am trying to be polite 😉  ) anyway, I shouted out…..oh dearest Roy we seem to have encountered a slight mishap!!! Ha ha…….so not what I said. Anyway, I will stop waffling, one of the locks was leaking and all the bloody water, I mean the nice flowing water, was pouring into the engine room and when we eventually stopped all the water had settled just below the engine! Ooops!! We have to keep at least one of the doors open when we are travelling not just because Roy is showing off his engine ( he will kill me for saying that, partly true though) but because it sets the smoke alarm off. In fact one day I said listen to that bird, it was a lovely beeping sound every few seconds until then I realised it was the smoke alarm going off! Yikes!!

Anyway, back to what I was talking about…….all the water just poured into the engine room and settled beneath the engine. Roy has tried to get most of it up but there is still some left and the best thing that you can use is nappies. Far cheaper than the engine pads you buy specifically for oil leaks etc. I just think it is quite funny. Last time I had to buy nappies was almost 21 years ago……….sorry Jessica if you are reading! That’s my daughter by the way, Jessica. When she finds out her Dad has being buying nappies she will definitely think he has lost the plot!

keep-calm-and-wax-on-wax-off-1Looking forward to going to see Foxglove at the weekend. Another 2 weeks and I can start waxing her! I can’t wait. I used to love waxing/polishing our last boat. I used to find it quite relaxing and also rewarding. I need to wait for the paint to harden first. Slight confession though…….I have already waxed the sliding hatch at the boatman’s cabin and the side hatches lids……..just wanted to see what it looked like, honestly! It is like a scene from Karate kid…….no not me kicking the hell out of someone one, or catching a fly between 2 chopsticks…….the wax on, wax off……wax on……wax off part!

I have to write about something during the week after all!!

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7 Responses to Nappies!!

  1. Christine Woolford says:

    Hi Clare & Roy
    I have just read all of your blogs! Hadn’t intended to in one go but found them really interesting and whiled away a couple of hours this morning.
    We were on the hardstanding for a while when you were having Foxglove painted and what a beautiful job they all did!
    We were thrilled that Tigger still has a place with you!
    We have had our boat nb Song of the Waterways for 10 years now and some of that was living on the cut (we were both still working so there were challenges about doing the ironing as we both needed shirts, tops etc. Generating enough electricity was a challenge for laptops, tv, mobiles. With an inboard generator that is not such a problem. we also spent time on a working wharf where we had electricity and water and waste disposal handy and somewhere to park the car.
    That was a small community and although it served us well while we were doing major improvements and dirty work living in such a small community could be difficult at times.
    We are now based at Overwater Marina and love it there. We feel we have a base now and security for cars when travelling. There s a community spirit and we fit in as and when we want to which suits us.
    I don;’t have an oven on our boat as I didn’t have room for that and a washing machine!
    I opted for a washer/dryer and it works well.
    I do use a steamer and i also have a set of pans which I bought about 20 years ago after seeing them at a show and I can cook all sorts in them including baking a cake (which I have done when camping!)
    As to what we do in the evenings we have tv and a Brennan music centre which we have loaded all of our cds onto. Anton plays trumpet and cornet although he doesn’t often practice due to disturbing anybody else. I do all sorts of craft, cardmaking, counted cross stitch, beading in fact the storage for that takes up more room then my one drawer of clothes!!
    Now we have retired we only iron things for special occasions We don’t have a wardrobe to hang things up in!
    We do still have a store which is costly but we still feel we needed somewhere for things we can’t store on the boat, books which I cannot get rid of, more craft stuff, camping equipment, summer /winter/ best clothes. Large tools for DIY.
    All in all it was the best decision we made to live on our boat and between this and a motorhome we have the best of both travelling worlds.
    Best wishes to you both on the next stage of your journey.
    Christine & Anton

  2. Hi Christine & Anton , I can’t tell you how much your comments have meant to me today. It’s as if you knew what was in my mind and you have answered all the questions I needed to know and give me a bit of courage to do what I need to do.
    I remember meeting you both and Anton has even painted a small part of Foxglove and he did an excellent job.
    Don’t want to say too much at the moment but we have big decisions to make in the next few weeks. Please keep in touch cause you have been a big help today.
    We have to pop back to Overwater at some point to drop some keys off. Hope we get to see you both xxx

  3. Christine Woolford says:

    So pleased what I wrote was of help as I thought I had written too much!
    We are out travelling at the moment (see Anton’s blog:
    I also have one but am rubbish at posting!
    but hopefully will catch up with you.
    I love your sense of humour Clare and think you write in an interesting way!

    • Hi Christine,

      Thanks for your kind comments. I have been looking at both yours and Anton’s blog. Night time is the only time I get to read anything…….I sit in bed with my phone and Roy with his i-pad. This has replaced any other action in the bedroom department!!
      Hope to see you soon xx

  4. Christine Woolford says:

    Hi Clare
    I have just been googling some history of our boat and came across this
    which is a link to our case study of living on the boat which we did for Website/forum which may be useful to you both

    • Hi Christine,
      We will definitely take a look at these. That will be tonight’s bedroom action!!
      Definitely need to read it though cause big decisions have been made this weekend 😉

      • Christine Woolford says:

        OOH that sounds interesting!!
        It must be something about boating that restricts bedroom action, or in our case that we are just too knackered!!

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