Shiny & New – (Spot the tigger!)

Gardner 2LWRoy kept busy this weekend polishing up the engine……
It looks stunning and very shiny.
ChimneyDon’t you find it strange though that he actually enjoys this , yet give him a duster and hoover and it is a different matter totally!!
Must be a man thing 😉
Anyway, the nappies did the trick and soaked up the water spillage and he has de-greased it, polished it, you name he did it and he has done a great job.
He got carried away and polished one of the chimneys too.

We also had our newly painted poles delivered on Saturday (thanks Martyn!). They look fantastic…..all 4 of them!! We did not realise there was already 4 poles on the boat and we asked for all the poles to be replaced and painted……….so if anyone would like to buy a couple of poles there are 2 for sale!!

Willington WillingtonDecided on Sunday to take Foxglove out for the day and the weather was glorious. We made the most of the sunshine and took a leisurely cruise along the canal which was great as all the bridges are wider as the stretch of canal we are on takes Widebeams! No excuse now for scratching  the boat.

I baked some cakes and made a cottage pie and also took Wish out for a walk. It was all very idyllic. In fact it was a perfect day.

WillingtonAlready looking forward to next weekend. Hopefully by then Miele will have come out and fixed our washing machine as I don’t think the water is getting hot in there and also the tumble drier is not working. Got to get these things sorted because it is far easier to get all the washing done at the boat rather than taking it home and washing/drying it there and then having to bring everything back again. There is another reason we need to get it sorted……….all will be revealed soon!!??

P.S. We’ve hidden a picture of tigger in each photo.
Can you see him? The first correct answers will get a mention on the blog.  

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5 Responses to Shiny & New – (Spot the tigger!)

  1. Jo says:

    Wow that is one very clean engine and engine room, would you send Roy over to do ours please?
    Ok you must have hidden Tigger really well because I have sat here for ages and cannot see him in any of the photographs LOL. Foxglove looks amazing.

    • Hi Jo, he spent ages on it at the weekend. Kept him quiet at least!! I love cleanng the outside of the boat and everyone always ask me the same…..”you can come do ours when you are finished”………it is hard work but worth it. Hope hubby is feeling better with his back. Love to both of you xxx

  2. Davide says:

    Tigger is:

    P1 – Boiling on the temperature gauge.
    P2 – On the gauge behind the white chimney.
    P3 – On the left of the canal in the middle of the grass, ready to jump.
    P4 – Seat on a wood bench, reading a book.
    P5 -Walking and whistling through the bridge

    It is correct?

    Davide xxx

  3. Jo says:

    Ahhhh now I see him, I needed my magnifying glasses hahaha excellent xxxxx

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