Give me a sign!

4saleWell I certainly got a sign today … one that I have been contemplating for a while.
What kind of sign? You may ask.

Well … it was this kind of sign….


Yes you’ve guessed it  … decided to finally take the plunge and put the house up for sale and move onto Foxglove. It has taken a long time to finally make the decision but life is far too short and you have to grasp it with both hands while you still can.

Just need the house to sell now then there will be lots of furniture to sell and belongings including my beautiful piano ( I am going to find that one very hard to part with), keeping my violin though 🙂  Our neighbours will be so lucky!!!Lol

Can’t quite believe this is happening but I am quite excited, little apprehensive also.

I have sat staring at the for sale sign tonight for over an hour, wondering, thinking………worrying……… not worrying really, just wondering how everything is going to turn out.

Hopefully a new chapter about to begin.

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8 Responses to Give me a sign!

  1. Anton says:

    Well done you two!
    Join the group of nomads!

    Kind regards

  2. Christine Woolford says:

    Dear Clare & Roy
    Wow!! that’s amazing!
    I had thought you were nearly there by your coded (well, not that coded message)
    When we were considering it, (well, I was the one pushing) Anton was like I don’t know how we do this but it really has been the best decision we made. Yes, there are challenges but they are really no different from owning a house.
    We are currently in Birmingham and have really enjoyed being on ‘holiday’ and a number of people who have said they are envious!!
    I was thinking about your beloved piano and I know it is a poor substitute but we have talked to people who have keyboards on board, maybe worth considering?
    We feel you will love life afloat!
    Christine & Anton xx

    • HI Christine, Many thanks for your words of support. I could do with a chat with you at sometime regarding post, banks, driving licence etc. I have a list in my head a mile long. Yes I will miss my piano, but never mind I can still get out the old violin………bit of Vanessa Mae!!………Hardly!! xx

  3. Jo says:

    Congratulations on making the decision. You will find life so different, and yes there will be challenges, but that is what makes life interesting. We look forward to seeing you on the cut somewhere for a catch up.
    Jo & Keith xx

    • HI Jo,

      Many thanks for your words of support. First challenge has already happened….the Washing Machine. It seems they built the units around the machine!! Nightmare. Hoping to make an inspection hatch at the side so it can be fixed. Fingers crossed. Thanks again for your support. xxxx

  4. Davide says:

    Many, many congratulation to You, Roy and Wish…I’m sure life with less will give you more! In bocca al lupo…(Good luck!)
    Big hugs.

    Davide xxx

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